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November 4, 2022

Jharia Royal Family

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Jharia has always been famous for coal and it’s coal mines. My grandfather owned all the underground rights then. During the late eighties and early nineties I have witnessed the glorious Durga Puja, when my grandfather Raja Kali Prasad Singh would fly away the Nilkanth bird to bring good luck for his town, and a huge crowd would witness this.As a child I used to accompany my Grandfather with my father Rajkunwar Bishweshwar Prasad Singh.
My Grand father was the last Raja of Jharia He was the M.L.A of Sindri constituency.He was the donor ,founder and Trustee of R.S.P.College of Jharia.He has constructed ,many temples ,tank , schools and college. He was awarded by Jharkhand Govt.in 2003..,for his contribution and philanthropic work. Once famine broke out in Jharia Dhanbad, that time my Grand father fed the people of Jharia Dhanbad continuously for more than couple of months and stood by them in their difficult time. I am really proud of my Dadu.

My father Raja Bishweshwar Prasad Singh married to Rajkumari Snehalata Kumari Devi of Rairakhol State.My father passed away this year in March 11 th 2022. He was a leading advocate in Dhanbad Court. He is the founder of Kids Garden Secondary School of Jharia. As there was no English medium school in Jharia my father took this initiative. He was voracious reader and great philanthropist.Very down to earth and always helped the poor and the needy. Every year he made it a point to educate atleast ten children free of cost from his account. He has helped poor girls to get married and settle down.I am proud of his high thinking.He is also founder of a college.

Rajkunwar Srimant Bishweshwar Prasad Singh ( son of Raja Kali Prasad Singh)

There is old palace where our temple of Lakshmi Janardan. Our kul devi Bhagawati and our Our Durga Maa badi temples are there. It was a three storeyed palace where lift was installed.Raja Durga Prasad my great Grand father was a very farsighted person and a great businessman. Jharia is famous for coalmines and my Grand father and father were owners.TISCO used to pay royalty to my Grand mother Rani Usha Devi.

Jharia will always remember you all with due respect.

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