Indian Wedding Customs

Every bride and groom aspires to have the most memorable wedding evening of their lives. There are many different things you can do to make your big day special and personal for you, but there are a few classic components that must be present in order for an Indian wedding to get truly authentic.

The wedding is escorted down the aisle during the Baraat, or doorway of the man, on either the arms of his companions or by a bright horses. He is dressed in a magnificent hat with an elegant Kalgi brooch and an elaborate sherwani suit. The groomsmen typically carry a box of rolled grain to feed to the holy fire as they go, and he is accompanied by his home.

The wife is welcomed by her couple’s family upon entering and led to the Mandap, or symbolic building, where she will wait for her future partner. A mangalsutra, which is essentially a golden necklace with black pearls, is worn around the bride’s chest as the couple trades Milni Malas, or plant garlands. Additionally, he recites Hindu mantras that call upon Soma, Gandharva, and Agni to bestow his new family with toughness, youth, beauty.

The final act of the meeting, known as kanya primo, or the bride’s giving ahead, is a very changing event. The wife dips her indiamatch reviews feet in a butter and vermilion combination to symbolize accepting her position as the nose of her residence while the groom’s family holds her close and presents him with gifts of clothing and jewelry. She then calls out to Lakshmi, the goddess of love, elegance, and prosperity, leaving red footsteps on the ground.

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