Raja Balwant Singh of Awagarh

Raja Balwant Singh Ji of Awagarh

The most revered late Raja Balwant Singh ji was a Kshatriya and a deity of the entire society. When the country was stuck in the chains of slavery, he awakened the flame of education, laid emphasis on Hindi and opened schools and colleges for education in many areas of Agra, Allahabad and Rajasthan and also donated hundreds of acres of land and gave lakhs of rupees. A living example of which is Rajput High School 1899 AD, Balwant Rajput School, currently Raja Balwant Singh College Agra. Made the Rajput community glorious and Raja Balwant Singh made a great contribution in social upliftment and educational development for the Kshatriyas in every corner of the country. The king’s life was spent at a time when the country was in the chains of slavery and the foundation of the British Empire had become strong. People had become inclined to accept the British as gods. In this situation the king kept his honor and prestige safe. Despite being illiterate, he insisted on education.

He was not only a king, but he was also a king at heart. His ancestors were also very charitable. He was the landlord of Nari village in Mathura district. After this this family started becoming landlords. Thakur Pitambar Singh was awarded the title of Raja by Maharana F Teh Singh of Mewar in 1831.1876 AD, which was later confirmed by the Governor General Lord Auckland of the British Government in 1839 AD. Due to construction of fort in Ava village, Ava Misa taluka got the status of Jagir. Later the name Avagarh became popular. In the British Empire, the British had connected Avagarh to Mathura in 1803 AD. After this, in 1874 AD it was merged into Agra district and then later in 1876 AD, Awagarh was merged into Etah district.

Raja Pitambar Singh had no son, he had a daughter who was married to the king of Radhogarh, Madhya Pradesh. He adopted his nephew Kunwar Prithi Singh as his adopted son. In his lineage, Raja Balwant Singh was born on 21 September 1853. Who assumed the post of king of Avagarh state in 1892. At that time his age was 39 years. He was physically very strong and had a sharp intellect. Their management system was so well organized that everyone who saw it praised it. He was called to the Delhi Darwar in the year 1902 during the reign of Lord Curzon. He was made a member of the Provincial Council under the Marley Minto Reforms.

Raja Balwant Singh’s childhood life was spent in rural areas. At that time there were no facilities for education in the villages. Although studies used to be in Hindi and Urdu. Result: Raja’s knowledge of alphabets remained zero. He had not even learned to sign his name in Hindi in his life. Despite being illiterate, he used to listen to newspapers daily to stay informed about current events. The kings of Avagarh in that century came in the category of those kings who maintained their dominance through their hard work and wisdom. Today is his birth anniversary.