Raja Kali Prasad Singh, the last Raja who had deep faith in Lord Radha Krishana continued the Raas Purnima which was started in the middle of The Jharia Raj Era. It was continued by Raja Durga Prasad Singh ( M. B. E) with great pomp and show till one month. In the month of Kartik. Famous Mohan Bhog and Anna bhog was made during this month. People from nearby village and even nearby state also used to come to participate and enjoy this event. Continuous bhajan kirtan was performed with Dhol and madal.

It is also mentioned in ” Tara Shankar Bangopadhya ‘s Book ” . A famous Bengali writer. Gradually in span of time situations has changed and utsav is not performed anymore. But still the Raas Mandir stands today, which has been closed during the old age of my grandfather Shri Raja Kali Prasad Singh