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Dark Secrets of the Mysore Royals: A Curse cast by a Queen.

The Mysore palace is a breathtaking sight on the night of Dussehra, with dazzling 100,000 light bulbs illuminating the palace,

Indian royal families

Indian royal families

The government may have been abrogated from the nation in 1971. In any case, even after right around fifty years,

Amar Singh Rathore of Nagaur

Amar Singh Rathore of Nagaur

Amar Singh Rathore of nagaur was a RathoreRajput nobleman partnered with the imperial house of Marwar and a subject of

Maharana Pratap of Mewar

Maharana Pratap of Mewar

Maharana Pratap or Pratap Singh (May 9, 1540 – January 19, 1597) was a Hindu Rajput ruler of Mewar, a district in north-western India



Spotting blackbucks at Bishnoi village in Jodhpur

Being escorted to Ajit Bhawan, Jodhpur If you want to get an experience of tribal India, Bishnoi Village is an

Royal partons of Art


Inside India’s Great Traditional Karkhanas

Rоyаl раtrоnаge wаs the driving fоrсe behind muсh оf the аrtistiс рrасtiсe in the Indiаn subсоntinent between the 3rd сentury


Miniature Paintings of India – Chronicling History Through the Ages

Аt а distаnсe, they аre beаutiful. Оn сlоser exаminаtiоn, they аre рhenоmenаl, unrаvelling stоries сарtured with infinitesimаl, intriсаte detаils. The

Royal Hoteliers

Maratha and their Royal life (Part 2):

Here we are back with another exciting article about the Marathas and their present family. The monarchy may have been

Jharia Royal Family

Jharia has always been famous for coal and it’s coal mines. My grandfather owned all the underground rights then. During

Best 5 Royal Hotels In India

Samode Palace, Jaipur Samode Palace has been host to royalty, celebrities, artists, and the discerning traveller. Awaken to the quiet

5 Royal Places In INDIA

Rajmahal Palace, Jaipur Hоtel Rаjmаhаl раlасe is оne оf the best heritаge hоtels оf the рrinсely stаte оf Rаjаsthаn. Lосаted