At Bijay Niwas Palace, Bijaynagar

One is writing this from the cool comfort of one’s garden facing room at the luxurious Bijay Niwas Palace at Bijaynagar in Rajasthan. After having visited bird sanctuaries extensively including Bharatpur, Nalsarovar, Khijadiya and Chilka bird sanctuaries, it is difficult to believe that 5 km. away from Bijaynagar Bus Station, there is a birding lodge which can rival the bird sightings of these large bird sanctuaries. Bijay Niwas Palace is the flagship property of Dushyant Singh Masuda. One has just returned from Bijay Niwas Palace after completing a trek through the gardens leading to Bijay Niwas Farm located near from my heritage cottage. One can find small wooden houses, shops selling kachoris and narrow streets with heritage havelis and several traditional Rajasthani dhabas at Bijaynagar. Bijay Niwas Palace is located 5 km. away from Bijaynagar Bus Station.