Dark Secrets of the Mysore Royals: A Curse cast by a Queen.

Dark Secrets of the Mysore Royals: A Curse cast by a Queen.

The Mysore palace is a breathtaking sight on the night of Dussehra, with dazzling 100,000 light bulbs illuminating the palace, it is truly a sight to behold! In addition to it, the palace’s magnificent Golden Throne is assembled in the darbar for public viewing.

A traditional procession also called Jumboo Savari, takes place from Mysore Palace and ends in Bannimantap. The Goddess Chamundeshwari is carried on a lavishly decorated elephant followed by floats and cultural troupes.

Mysore Royals

The Royal Family of Wadiyar Dynasty does the expand Pooja, of the Goddess Chamundeshwari, yet before this pooja, there is one HIDDEN custom that is finished. A sculpture in Gold, of a Queen, is adored and this has been training for most recent 400 years. So who is this Queen? And what is the Story behind worshipping her? Let’s find out.

Mysore Royal family

The Wadiyar family known as the Royal Family of Mysore has a dim mystery. None of the relatives are the immediate conceived of the Royal Family. Also, this is a result of a ‘Revile’, set somewhere near King Tirumalaraja’s widow to the leaders of the Wadiyar regal family, which left them heirless from that point onward.

For 400 years, the Royal group of Mysore, the Wadiyar tradition has been making a decent attempt to avoid this fatal revile, which was laid onto them by ‘Sovereign Alamelamma’, just before she hopped into River Kaveri.

The Story goes, that the Curse was projected on the Wadiyars in the year 1612, by Queen Alamelamma, spouse of King Tirumalaraja, who administered the incredible Vijayanagar Empire. Raja Wadiyar, the ninth leader of Mysore, vanquished Srirangapatna from Tirumalaraja, the King of Vijayanagar.

The King experienced a fatal infection and passed on, anyway his widow Queen Alamelamma had a lot of valuable adornments. As a widow, she was not, at this point allowed to wear adornments, subsequently, she gave the gems to the sanctuary of Goddess Sri Ranganayaki.

Regular Sri Ranaganayaki was enhanced with a huge pearl-studded nose ring which had a place with Queen Alamelamma and her other valuable adornments.

Raja Wadiyar sent messengers with a solicitation to get the gems from the Queen. Notwithstanding, Only the pearl-studded nose ring was returned by Alamelamma, because of which the Angry Raja at that point sent his military to Talakad to ask her indeed, and when she denied they were to be seized forcibly.

To get away from the Mysore armed force, Queen Alamelamma hopped into a whirlpool in the waterway Kaveri at Talakad along with the remainder of the gems, anyway prior to leaping to her demise she cast the amazing condemnation on Raja Wadiyar and his whole line.

” Her curse which was ” May Talakadu become a barren land, Malangi turn into a whirlpool and may Mysore kings never beget children” did actually come true and 400 years since, the Wadiyar dynasty never had any children for alternate generations”

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Henceforth an embraced kid turned into the lord of Mysore and the excess piece of the revile, additionally worked out as even today, most pieces of Talakad and its sanctuaries lie under the sand, and Malangi town in present Mysore area is gradually dissolving due to being swarmed with whirlpools.

Hearing Queen Alamelamma’s demise, Raja Wadiyar was atoning, and subsequently, he had a symbol of Queen Alamelamma made in gold, put in the Mysore castle, and adored her as a divinity.

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Indeed, even today, there is a strand of her hair that is safeguarded in a crate, and her colossal pearl nose-stud embellishes the Goddess Ranganayaki. Thus, Mysore Dasara celebrations are basically Grand and inside the castle, a formal pooja of Queen Alamelamma is accomplished for this very explanation.

Happy Ending:

True or not, the Curse seems to have been broken as the King and Queen of Mysore, Yaduveer Krishnadatta Wadiyar and Trishika Kumari, became parents of a baby boy on December 7, 2017. So after all, maybe, just maybe, the Wadiyar Dynasty has been forgiven by a Great Pious Queen Alamelamma

 mysore royal family

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