Jeep Safari to sight leopards near Bagheera’s Camp, Jawai Bandh

First view of the Aravallis during the journey from Ahmedabad to Bagheera’s Camp

Among the carnivores, I was fascinated by lions, tigers and leopards. Having lived in Gujarat all my life and having a friend living at Gir, I had seen many lions. When I got married in Odisha and lived with the Khadia and Mankadia tribals inside the core area of the Simlipal Tiger Reserve at Baripada, sighting tigers at Devasthali was a routine affair. However, I happened to sight a leopard only a few times. Once at Kumaon when I was at Ascot wildlife sanctuary and once at Jalana Doongri near Jaipur. But one glimpse of this magnificient animal had me hooked.

So, when I came to know that one of Rajasthan’s most eco-friendly leopard camps is located at Jawai Bandh, Bera which is a six hour drive from Ahmedabad, I decided to visit this camp aptly named “Bagheera’s Camp”. There are many resorts near Bera and Jawai Bandh, but the choice is clear! There is only one eco-friendly camp without Television and without air-conditioning and which rations water, which is Bagheera’s!

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